Rules to Dating a Millennial Woman

If you follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it is no secret that I've recently ventured into the online dating world (again). As I attempt to navigate this sector of dating, I realize that there are some pretty common themes in my interaction with men. With that said, I just want to give a little advice to those of you who choose to pursue us Millennial woman. We're not an easy catch!  

1. Don't waste our time. 

Millennials are also known as the "microwave generation." This can be interpreted in a few different ways but my intent here is to demonstrate that we don't like to waste our time. If you're not interested in moving forward in the way that we are, don't even try to pursue anything. No, I don't want a friend. No I don't want a friend with "benefits." These standards could be exclusive to me but my point is, make sure y'all are on the same page. Ain't no use in wasting time. 

2. Make plans.  

Guy: we should meet up.  

Girl: okay! Sure!  

Guy: what do you want to do?  

Pause. This is the exciting part of dating for us. We love going on dates with guys. Especially first dates. There's so much to learn, so much to do, and we LOVE getting pretty! Be creative. Use your imagination...or google, at the least.  

3. ...and keep them.  

There is nothing worse than being stood up. I swear, there was a time where I'd been stood up by three different men in the same week. I didn't understand. Apparently I had, "I don't value my time" written across my forehead.  

If you make plans, please follow through with them. Or at least follow UP. It shows that you're responsible and you respect the other person's time. This is a simple common courtesy. 

4. Be intentional.  

This is kind of in line with #1. Have conversations in the beginning to really feel out what we want. Trust me, we're doing the same for you. With that said, a first date probably shouldn't be to a movie or a concert. Those are terrible places to get to know someone. Quite honestly, being intentional about this dating thing will almost always ensure that all of these other things fall in line. If you want to date someone, make every effort to do just that. 

Until the next dating disaster...