30 Before 30

1987. Hard to believe that this was 30 years ago. In my mind, the 90s are still 10 years ago. I still remember my 21st birthday. I had a huge 90s party complete with ring pops and fruit roll ups. I still lived at home and was a senior (for the first time) at Towson. It was a good time. But, alas, we are at another milestone. Another chapter in the book of life. 

This year, I'll be 30. 

Despite the popular opinion that getting older is terribly depressing - I am incredbly excited for this next transition.  

Transition. That's a good word for it. I will walk into decade number 3 expecting that it will be filled with growth, opportunity and peace. Yes, peace. Peace about decisions I've made that have positioned me where I am. Peace about the fact that my love story, or lack thereof, isn't what I anticipated. Peace about my career and the fact that I'm not making 6 figures like I thought I would when I was 16 (lol). 

Someone told me that when you turn 30, something just clicks and you lose all of the effs that you had in your 20s and you FINALLY start living freely. I'm sure that this person didn't intend for it to sound so easy but I'm REALLY excited about this. I told someone this weekend that I feel like with just three months away, I'm already feeling my lack of effs, lol. 

At any rate, I started a 30 before 30 list right after turned 28. Unfortunately, I didn't make it past four or five things (it's much harder than you think). But, the four things that I remember putting on the list were:

1. Drive cross country  

2. Start a blog

3. Lose 100 pounds 

4. Get a promotion  

I didn't realize until the beginning of this year that I had actually accomplished 3/4 things that I put on that list. All before I turned 30. It was so inspiring. It proves that there is so much power in your words. I'm grateful that I remembered those four things. Grateful that I accomplished most and even grateful that the 100 pounds doesn't feel totally impossible. 

My goal for the next three months is to try to add some more things to that list and get them done before June. If you haven't yet turned 30, try making a 30 before 30 list. Doesn't have to actually be 30 things. It can be a 5 before 30, lol. Or even a 1 before 30. Sometimes that 1 thing can feel as big as 30. I pray that no matter what year you're going into in 2017, that it be the best year you've ever had. I pray that with your words, you are an inspiration to yourself and others. Here's to writing a vision and making it plain! 

 "No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." -John Keating



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