What's this "Tinder" thing anyway?

I joined Tinder two days ago. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, check this out. 

I've tried the online dating thing. It was rather unsuccessful and became more and more disappointing as every message moved closer to "I just want to have sex with you." Needless to say, after about three months, I cancelled my subscription and just accepted that I'd be single forever (just kidding lol). 

Friday evening, my girls and I sat around having the normal girl talk and we happened to start a conversation about online dating. A friend of mine mentioned that a friend of his was currently dating someone that she met on Tinder and that it was pretty serious. 


Didn't take long for both my best friend and I to grab our phones and download the app. Unfortunately, it is my belief that all dating apps are based solely on looks which can be dangerous at times. Don't get me wrong, looks are important. With these dating apps however, there is an unspoken "I have a hard time with relationships" in every interaction. So, unfortunately, you get the folks that prey on that. Really, they're just trying to be as smooth as possible to see how far you'll let them go.

Reason #1 why I realized the online dating thing wasn't for me. You find yourself having to sift through a ton of guys until you find one who is actually about something. About something = not just ready to spit his most recently composed pick up line but is actually interested in who you are as a person. He'll have a job, hobbies, friends, be a part of an organization other than Tinder. You just may have to kiss a few Gucci belt clad frogs before you finally reach your prince. 

I guess this is the same in real life too. You spend a lot of time dating the wrong people with hopes that you'll finally find Mr. Right amongst them all.  Well, at least Tinder provides an organized catalog of men for me to choose from -- swipe right! 😍


P.S. For the "be patient, it'll come" crew....click here. 😊