Hair Share: Twist Out Edition

I always get the question "what do you do to your hair?" It's probably one of the most common hair questions I get asked. Right after, "what do you put in your hair?"  

Honestly, it used to frustrate me. Mostly because hair care is about what works for YOU. But then I realized that it's all about learning and part of that process may be trying products that have worked for others. 


I don't get annoyed anymore, lol. With that said, I wanted to post my first Hair Share video. I don't want to call them tutorials because I don't want ya'll claiming that I told y'all to do something that didn't work (lol). So I'll just share with you the way I do it in hopes that it'll work the same for you! 

A simple twist out. Pretty basic. I love doing twist outs on dry hair. I think it makes my hair  look more full. I also don't always do them on freshly washed hair. So this video is showing you what I do when I'm being lazy but still want to be cute.