That time I made the first move with a guy...and got rejected.

I was reminded, today, of a time (maybe about two or three years ago) when I found myself crushing on this dude - real hard. Looking at social media pictures all the time, feeling all giddy when he liked my posts, writing flirty captions. It was a mess, lol. I was crushing something serious. So, one day, I decided to step COMPLETELY outside of my box and message him. And it went a lil' something like this...

Me: Hey, I've peeped you for some time. Not sure if you're in a relationship or not (please forgive me if you are) but I would really like to get to know you. 
Him: [Ego pumped up real extra] I think you're cute but nah...
The end.

Okay, maybe he didn't say it like that, but that's what I heard, lol. He actually said something with a little more finesse than that. But that was the gist. I'll be honest, I wasn't as crushed as I expected to be. I felt more stupid than anything. Like, ugh, Firenza. You stepped outside of your box and did this completely non-traditional thing and were rejected. I thought to myself, "that'll be the last time you do that."

As small as that incident was, I wonder how much it really does limit me. I mean, imagine all of the amazing guys that may have been like, "its crazy because I've been thinking the same thing about you." The many dope conversations I could have. The great people I could meet. Rejection scares me. I think we're all afraid of it in some way. It is those people, who do not allow their fear of rejection to paralyze them, that experience life in some of the most beautiful ways. 



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