Open letter to all the Planet Fitness haters.

I have been a member of Planet Fitness for almost five years now. I have a very interesting loyalty to it, too. The purple-coated fitness playground has a special place in my heart. It was there when I first started caring about my health, it was there when I lost the most weight I've ever lost in my life and it was there to pick me back up when I fell off. So, it's safe to say that I will always have an affinity for this gym.  

However, I've heard way too many heavy lifters and fast runners talk poorly about Planet Fitness and, I'll be honest, it's frustrating. I don't think people view it this way, but it's a form of shaming. By saying, "it's not a real gym" you're telling all of the men and women who bust their butts day in and day out that they're not good enough. 

So stop.  

Get off your high horse and appreciate that those of us who'd rather be in an environment that doesn't intimidate us or who can't afford an expensive gym membership are actually trying. Regardless of what you think, we are. I haven't, yet, corrected someone who says something bad about Planet Fitness but you can be sure that I will from here on out. 

Respect other people's process. Period. 

TGwBH - protecting fat folks since 2011 😘 

Firenza WalkerComment