Do not appropriate my womanhood.

I started to make this a "Things You Need to Know About Being a Woman" post but I decided that the things that I really want you to know are a little too heavy for a post like that. 

I take no issue with Caitlyn Jenner and her recent transition. That was something that she felt that she should do, so she did it. I have no problem with that. I can't help to think that even my womanhood has been appropriated, in a way, by those damn Kardashians. First, it was my big butt (though I don't really have a Kardashian booty lol - but y'all know what I mean), my big lips, Nori West and her naturally curly hair. Now it's Caitlyn Jenner with her femininity and womanhood. Somehow, the Kardashians have found a way to make everything that I am trendy! 

"The hardest thing about being a woman is figuring out what to wear." -Caitlyn Jenner

I took some time to ask my Facebook followers what they thought defined them as women and I wasn't surprised when many of the answers had nothing to do with the anatomy of a woman. Many of my followers talked about the resilience of women and how we have the ability to bounce back from most situations with scars that make us stronger and wiser. Some of my followers talked about the ability to wear different hats and play different roles in our lives. Many of us are mothers, fathers, bestfriends, teachers, mentors, chefs, doctors, therapists and the list goes on and on. Women have superpowers that sometimes we don't even understand. It took me some time in my adult life to realize that my mother is only human. She has always been someone who is always so well put together and all-knowing. Our ability to keep it together when we are breaking down inside - c'mon folks, there is nothing more amazing than that. 

I am extremely proud of my ability to be so in tuned with my emotions. I know what I'm feeling and generally know why and I know how to handle that. My emotional intelligence allows me to love deeply and commit fully. Oftentimes women are criticized for always showing our emotions. It is deemed a weakness. But it isnt. In fact, it's one of the things that makes us so damn awesome.  

And then there is our anatomy. That is actually a thing. God gave us the ability to grow LIFE inside of us. A whole human being can live inside our bodies for 9 months. Not to mention that we bleed for 5 (or more) days straight and don't die. I'm sorry, but that is a superpower. We have breasts that were created to sustain life. He gave us natural hormones that make us more aware of certain things. He designed us with curves and a softness that makes it easy to hold on to us. And to make it even better, God blessed us with all shapes and sizes. That couldn't be more beautiful. 

So welcome, Caitlyn. Being a woman is more than having breasts and a vagina. It's more than wearing a dress and make up. It's more than winning a Woman of the Year award. I'm sorry if no one informed you during your transition but, women rule the world. 



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