Y'all Know I Love Me Some Lipstick...

I don't often wear a full face of makeup. In fact, there are three things that I wear 4-5 times per week: eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. A good lipstick can turn a very drab day into a fab day! Sweats and UGGs? No problem, grab your favorite lippie and feel like a woman again! (lol - I crack myself up)

Here are some lippie looks and some tips to go along with them.  


Pink/Purple Combo 

Pairing a light color with a dark color in the same family is a classic lip liner technique. Angle your pencil on your lip so that your line will be a little thicker and blend the lipstick my rubbing your lips together at the end. You can reapply your lipstick if you want more of the color rather than the pencil.  


Red w/an accent

Those who know me know that Ruby Woo is my favorite color. Red lips are my go-to. I tried this because of a guy at the Mac store. Apply your lipstick without a liner. Take a darker red or Currant (shown) and color in the corners of your lips. Making sure to blend into the center of your lip. Really simple but such an awesome look!  


Red Ombré  

Folks are scared of black liner. It's my favorite. Especially when I want to do a red ombré lip. Don't be scared of black liner. Just use it better lol. In this case, the key is to blend very well. Line your lips with a thin line of black liner then fill in your lips with your red. Smudge the red into the black by rubbing your lips together.  This may require some skill. Again, no worries, you can add more or less liner/lipstick to get the desired look. 



Another scary look for folks. Obviously, black lips are NSFW. But they can totally be done without looking super goth. I like to line my Mac Cyber with a black liner. Same deal as the red and just blend.  

I love playing around with my lipstick. Especially when I get a new color. I don't invest in liners as much as I do lipsticks but I definitely plan to make them a priority in the future. 

Whats your favorite lip/liner combo?


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