Recap: Q&A w/TheFitHippiee


Last Sunday, I decided to link up with my bestfriend, Damaris, to do a Q&A about fitness and weight loss. It went REALLY well. In fact, so well, we decided to do a Part II very soon. 

Only thing is, Google Hangout didn't want to cooperate. So, the video wasn't as great as I'd hoped. So, the replay of our hour long conversation is on soundcloud. If you missed it, check it out below! 

As promised, I want to recap some of the things that we talked about:

Sports Bras. 

Personally, I've never had an expensive sports bra. I just can't bring myself to pay 50+ dollars for something that two $15 bras from Target can do. However, for my extra juicy ladies with a lot of jiggle on top, I'm sure that the investment is worthwhile. I did some research and found this great article on Runners World. Different bras for different functions but great prices. 

Workout Routines.

Damaris suggested checking out for lifting routines and advice about lifting. We also talked about doing some research on youtube as well. There's the Fitness Blender channel on youtube that provide FREE kettlebell and other workouts.  But just like anything else, you can learn SO much about working out and fitness on youtube. I can spend HOURS on youtube. 

Running Shoes.

Running shoes are probably the single most important thing to buy if running is going to be your thing. Its crazy how much of a difference it makes. If you're in the Baltimore area, Road Runners or Charm City Run are two really good running stores. I've not had any experience with running stores in DC but I'm sure that a few exist. Check out this list on Yelp. 

iPhone Apps.


We didn't talk about this in the Q&A but I thought it would be great to share. All of these apps function in very different ways but I use them all on a weekly basis. Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Ptracker are all apps that I use to track daily living. PTracker, ladies, is a great way to keep track of your menstrual cycle! Couch to 5K, Nike Running, Seconds and Nike Training Club are aweseome apps to use for workout routines or tracking your workouts. Seconds is an internal timer app. Great way to time your HIIT workouts. And of course mental health is important as well. The meditations app provides guided meditations for all times of the day. All of them are free or have a free version. Check them out! 

If you didn't get a chance to catch the Q&A, check it out in your free time (or at the gym!) below!


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